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Your luxury remodel can be and should be an enjoyable, rewarding experience. At Schaefer Custom Homes, we strive not only to meet your expectations but surpass them. That level of care and service is what sets us apart — it is the very foundation of our success. We set the highest standards for the design, construction and management of every detail of your luxury remodel. And we work alongside you every step of the way to transform your home into a truly distinctive, tailor-made living experience. We are you-focused from beginning to end.

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Custom Home Remodels & Renovations

Custom Home Remodels & Renovations
We take the big-picture approach so that your budget is accurate, no surprises. We’ll help guide you through the process to deliver a luxury remodel that harmonizes with and elevates the overall look and feel of your entire home. We treat each renovation, small or large, with the same degree of professionalism and care. Decades of custom home experience and knowledge have built for us a reputation on the Central Coast for creative and innovative home renovations and luxury home remodeling.
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The Schaefer Difference

Creating Homes That Are Distinctively You

Craftsmanship & Quality

We offer a variety of services and specialize in complete kitchen, bathroom and home remodeling design and construction. We oversee everything from pre-design to project completion. We keep you in the loop at all times. You always know where you are regarding your budget and construction schedule. We are a hands-on team working together to achieve your best vision dream of your home.

In-House Remodel Design

Our in-house design services are where simplicity meets elegance. Our design team will give you professional guidance to make exciting and innovative choices. You’ll be working with experts who can effortlessly tailor your custom home, giving clarity to your ideas, taking your creative seeds, nurturing and shaping them until you say, “Yes! That’s exactly what I want.” No matter what the unique challenges of your remodel may be, we are more than equipped with the skill and experience to bring your dream to life.

Your Luxury Remodel, Tailor-Made

Our team of highly skilled architects, designers, construction technicians and trade professionals — bring master craftsmanship to every aspect of your remodel. Each member of our team is committed to provide only the best in terms of service, construction excellence and financial integrity. All this, along with Erich Schafer’s very personal involvement every step of the way, work together to provide you with a satisfying luxury remodel experience of the highest quality.
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Selecting a remodeler to transform your home is a big task, if you like what you see so far, and we hope you do, we recommend viewing our portfolio of home and luxury remodel tours. We have also shared several testimonials from clients that have worked with us in the past so you can hear from them about their experience working with Schaefer Custom Homes! Their joy and satisfaction with their remodeling experience are the highest credentials we have for gaining your confidence.

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A luxury remodel is a big project and we understand that you want to find the right builder. Before we dive in, let’s get to know each other over a friendly chat.